Lady Merion's Angel by Jane Yolen

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Lady Merion's Angel Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

"Lady Merion's Angel" is a funny, upbeat tale of a young woman's experiences with a small, cherubic angel that wanders into her prized, immaculate garden. Somewhat spoiled and unhappy that she seems no longer the center of her father's universe, Lady Merion greets the angel first as "a welcome distraction" and then as an irritant that may mess up her flowers the way her half-brother Clyve had ruined her tapestry. The little angel, quietly but determinedly inspires a short journey of self-discovery in Lady Merion, who discovers in her heart there is more love and compassion than anger and jealousy. None of this is weepy or thumping-on-the-head moralizing; the story remains throughout charming and funny.