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L. M. Montgomery Summary

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

L. M. Montgomery published more than thirty novels for children and adults, an autobiography, more than four hundred individual poems, and more than five hundred short stories, in addition to other works. Montgomery’s favorite books were her novels The Story Girl (1911) and Emily of New Moon (1923), but readers are better acquainted with the Anne novels, which were the subject of a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) television musical in the 1950’s, a popular play in the 1970’s, a widely distributed film released in 1985, and a television series that aired in 2000.

For generations of preadolescent girls, Anne has been a role model, embodying characteristics Montgomery wanted readers to emulate. Montgomery also seems to have been drawn to Anne, repeating many elements of Anne’s personality in the protagonists of both her adult and young adult novels, and in the last novel published during her lifetime, Anne of Ingleside (1939), she returned to Anne and her children.