A. L. Kennedy

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Principal Works

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Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains (short stories) 1990

The Audition (play) 1993

The Ghost of Liberace [editor; with Hamish Whyte and Meg Bateman] (short stories and poetry) 1993

Looking for the Possible Dance (novel) 1993

*Totally out of It (screenplay) 1993

*Just to Say (screenplay) 1994

Now That You're Back (short stories) 1994

A Sort of Hot Scotland [editor; with James McGonigal and Meg Bateman] (short stories and poetry) 1994

*The Year of the Prince (screenplay) 1994

Ghostdancing (screenplay) 1995

Last Things First [editor; with James McGonigal and Meg Bateman] (short stories and poetry) 1995

So I Am Glad (novel) 1995

*There's an End to an Auld Sang (screenplay) 1995

Delicate (play) 1996

Tea and Biscuits (short stories) 1996

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (nonfiction) 1997

Original Bliss (novella and short stories) 1997

Stella Does Tricks (screenplay) 1997

Absolutely Nothing (short stories) 1998

Everything You Need (novel) 1999

For the Love of Burns (screenplay) 1999

On Bullfighting (essays) 1999

Indian Summer (play) 2000

True (Requiem for Lucy Palmer) (play) 2000

Born a Fox (radio play) 2002

Indelible Acts: Stories (short stories) 2002

*These screenplays were produced as educational dramas for television by the BBC.

†Kennedy wrote the screenplay and appeared as the presenter in these BBC documentaries.

‡The screenplay is based on Kennedy's short story “Friday Payday.”

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