Kunikida Doppo Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Doppo gin (poetry) 1897

Musashino [The Musashi Plain] (short stories) 1901

Doppo shu [A Doppo Collection] (short stories) 1905

Unmei [Fate] (short stories) 1906

Tosei (short stories) 1907

Doppo shu daini [A Second Doppo Collection] (short stories) 1908

Nagisa [The Waterside] (short stories, sketches, translations, letters, and unfinished novel) 1908

Aitei tsushin [Communiques to a Dear Brother] (journalism) 1908

River Mist, and Other Stories [translated by David Chibbett] (short stories) 1983