The Kugelmass Episode

by Woody Allen

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Student Question

Did the Great Persky die when Kugelmass got stuck in the Spanish textbook?

Expert Answers

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Woody Allen's "The Kugelmass Episode" ends with Kugelmass asking Persky to reactivate the cabinet foe another flight into illusionary happiness. Pershy warns taht the cabinet has been idle since the earlier malfunction and advises against using it. Kugelmass wheedles an agreement out of Persky and he starts up the cabinet.

The cabinet explodes. Persky is blown backward by the force of the explosion. He suffers a heart attack due to the explosion and its impact on him. The house catches on fire. Persky is trapped by both the heart attack and the fire and dies. Kugelmass is now himself trapped because with the cabinet blown to bits and burned he has no return route. He is doomed to grace the pages of a remedial Spanish textbook with the irregular Spanish verb tener, meaning "to have", thus ending the story with a pointed Allenesque message that wrong-headed seeking to have leads to unexpected adverse having.

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