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(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Brief, positive review of Robert Bly's translation of Hunger.

Cahill, Edgar H. “Purity in the Sixth Printing.” Nation 113, no. 2928 (1921): 181.

Reviews the sixth printing of Hunger by Alfred A. Knopf, faulting the publisher for censoring the work.

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Detailed analysis of Man and the Soil, including information on Hamsun's personal life and literary career.

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Brief review of Robert Bly's translation of Hunger.

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Critical evaluation of Hamsun's major works, including Hunger.

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Critical evaluation of Hamsun's later works, while also providing an overview of the author's final years.

Additional information on Hamsun’s life and career is published in the following sources by the Gale Group: Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century, Ed. 3; European Writers, Vol. 8; Literature Resource Center; Reference Guide to World Literature, Eds. 2, 3; and Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vols. 2, 14, 49.