Knit Two Summary
by Kate Jacobs

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Author Kate Jacobs returned in 2009 with Knit Two, another Friday Night Knitting Club novel. Five years after Georgia Walker succumbs to cancer, the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club still convene monthly (if not more regularly) to continue what she started. Georgia's daughter, Dakota, now eighteen years old and a college student, is itching to escape the watchful eyes of both her father, who is afraid to let her out of his sight, and the club members who promised her mother that they would keep her close.

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Five years has been a long time for the ladies. Anita, Georgia's septuagenarian mentor and confidant, is poised to marry Marty, the owner of the deli next door to the shop, but not if her children have anything to do with it. Darwin and her husband struggle with the challenges of raising twins and juggling careers. Lucie faces a similar dilemma because her daughter, Ginger, is as demanding as Lucie's job is.

Jacobs paints a flattering picture of women from all walks of life in Knit Two. Each character is self-possessed, determined, and goal-oriented. These marvelous women—Dakota, Anita, Peri, Darwin, Catherine and Lucie—join forces to complete several meaningful projects, including an afghan, baby booties, and a wedding coat. Despite the range in talent among them, their willingness and desire to band together is striking. Although readers who knit will certainly appreciate the characters' excitement at finding just the right yarn or finishing a perfect project, those who have never picked up knitting needles will also find the characters and their situations relatable and endearing.

A unique aspect of Knit Two, as well as of its predecessor, is that after readers have finished enjoying the story, there is still more to explore in the form of recipes and sewing patterns. Readers can become a member of the club by baking some of Dakota's famous muffins or even knitting an afghan.

The third novel in this series, Knit the Season, is due in bookstores in November 2009. The first book in the series, The Friday Night Knitting Club, is currently being made into a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts.