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Todd Hewitt is the main character of the story. He is about to turn thirteen years old at the start of the story. He is a young boy from Prentisstown, a colony of the New World. Todd is told that around the time he was born, there was a war between the colonists of the New World and the alien species, the Spackle. During the war, many died, most of which were women. Men were afflicted with a germ that was released by the Spackle. The germ made it possible for men to hear other’s thoughts. Todd is unexpectedly told to run from the town by his parents. He runs away and meets Viola. The two travel across the New World in search of safety and a cure for the “noise.”

Viola is the young girl that Todd encounters while running away. She is standing by the swamp where Todd first experiences silence. She is also the first girl he has ever encountered. Viola’s family crash-landed on the New World and her parents did not survive. At first, she is afraid to speak and is silent. She saves Todd when she lights a bridge on fire to protect them from attackers. This is when she reveals her name to be Viola. She accompanies him on their adventure. Countless times, Todd saves Viola and vice versa. She ends up stabbing Aaron and saving them one last time before she is shot.

Aaron is the preacher of Prentisstown. He is an evil character who continually attacks Todd and Viola. He even kills Todd’s dog in revenge. He is stabbed to death in the neck by Viola.

The Mayor of Prentisstown is also an antagonist in the story. Todd is eventually told that the men of the town have been banished by other colonies for killing all the women in the town. The germ that Todd thought came from the Spackle is, in fact, natural to the environment. The men were jealous that women had no reaction to the germ and killed them out of jealousy. The Mayor has a ritual of revealing this truth to young boys when they turn thirteen.

Davvy is the mayor's son and frequent attacker of Todd and Viola.

Ben and Cillian are Todd’s adoptive parents. Cillian dies in one of the first attacks. Ben catches up with Todd and Viola later in the story. He tells Todd the truth about the germ and helps the kids survive.

Manchee is Todd’s faithful dog and companion.

Hildy is a woman who houses Todd and Viola for some time while they hide.