The Kite Runner Themes

The Kite Runner key themes:

  • In The Kite Runner, Amir seeks to forge his identity following his failure to protect his friend. He sets out on a spiritual quest to uncover his family’s past.

  • Family ties define the characters in this novel. Baba and General Taheri expect obedience and loyalty from their children while Amir and Soraya try to create a family of their own.

  • The importance of heritage is reflected in Amir’s connection to the immigrant community in San Francisco. Amir eventually returns to Afghanistan and revives his belief in Islam.

  • Amir and Baba represent different experiences of assimilation. While Baba struggles to adjust to his lowly social status in the United States, Amir sees his new country as a source of potential.

  • Discrimination and abuse of power are apparent in the violence and social unrest caused by the Taliban. The Kite Runner portrays the discrimination and abuse created by those in power.


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Identity and Self-Discovery

Throughout the novel, the protagonist struggles to find his true purpose and to forge...

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