Why is Assef compared to Jesus at the soccer game in The Kite Runner?

Expert Answers

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The author compares Assef to Jesus at the soccer game because Assef's arms are spread like those of Christ on the cross.

However, there's nothing remotely Christlike about Assef. He's a member of the Taliban, the extremist terrorist organization that, in 2021, has recently taken over Afghanistan again after the withdrawal of American forces.

In this particular part of the book, Assef has arrived at the soccer stadium with a group of other terrorists in order to carry out public executions of those deemed by the Taliban to have broken Islamic law.

Such punishments take place in public places such as sports stadiums in order to intimidate and control the people of Afghanistan, to leave them in no doubt that the Taliban are now in charge and will brook no opposition.

It's somewhat fitting that Assef should be a member of the Taliban. He was an evil child, and now he's an evil adult participating in atrocities for an evil terrorist group. He might wear a sparkling white garment, just like Jesus; his spread-out arms might look like Jesus on the cross. But that's where the resemblance between this violent terrorist and the son of God ends.

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