Who is the character similar to Ali from The Kite Runner in A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Thorn Birds?

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Ali can be likened to Tariq, because both have physical disabilities. Ali was crippled by contracting polio as a boy and experiences paralysis in his lower face. This physical handicap caused him to be ridiculed by other children. Ali was taken in by Baba's father after his parents were killed. Similarly, Tariq was injured by a land mine at the age of five and wears a prosthetic leg. Like Ali was supported by Baba's father, Tariq was encouraged by his parents to not let his disability hold him back in life. Ali is unfailingly loyal to his son Hassan, Amir, and Baba, just as Tariq is loyal in his love for Leila even when they are separated for years.

A parallel between Amir and a character in The Thorn Birds is less clear, though one can still be made. Meggie is disadvantaged and in many ways neglected in her family, as she is the only girl out of ten Cleary children. Father Ralph is captivated by Meggie upon their first meeting and recognizes that she deserves special attention, and he is a father figure to her throughout childhood. Meggie is loyal to Ralph throughout her life, and he is the only man she ever truly loves, despite the forbidden nature of their relationship. Their physical intimacy, during which they conceive a child together, moves Meggie to leave her husband, Luke.

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