What is the thematic statement in Chapter 9 of The Kite Runner?

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The dissolution of connecting bonds between human beings is one theme that emerges from Chapter 9.  It is here where Amir plants the money and watch under Hassan's pillow, thereby severing all hope of continued connection between both.  Ali and Hassan end up leaving, helping to enhance the theme of a severed bond.  Baba and his own son experience a detachment, as the father must see both his son and friend leave his home.  This theme of severed bond is of vital importance.  It is this theme that defines the personal landscape of Amir as a character. It is also quite definitive of Afghanistan, as a nation.  The rise of the Taliban and the abuses that follow are results of a severed connection between individuals.  This theme is of vital importance.  It helps to drive Amir to do right, to "become good again" as the course of the novel develops.  In Chapter 9, one sees the exact nature of the level in which there is a severed bond between Amir and Hassan.  This helps to motivate Amir to right the wrong created, reflecting the theme that individuals are in the position of power to restore bonds that have been severed,

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