What injustice and discrimination does Hassan face in The Kite Runner?

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In The Kite Runner, Hassan is the victim of discrimination because he is Hazara and the caste system in Afghanistan is set up to look down on people who are Hazara.  When Hassan runs Amir's kite, the boys in the alley gang up on him and figure that it is okay to abuse him because of his social position.  They say that he is "just a Hazara," and so feel justified in their abuse.  Amir does not want to reveal that he has witnessed the abuse, and he also tries to convince himself that since Hassan is a Hazara it does not matter that he was hurt.  Further, Baba does not admit to anyone that Hassan is in fact his son for the same reasons.  So instead of living a richer lifestyle like Amir, Hassan must live on the margins.  These are some the instances in which Hassan experiences discrimination.

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