What are Amir's important actions in The Kite Runner?

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Among the most important actions that Amir takes in The Kite Runner are betraying Hassan, returning to Afghanistan, forgiving his father, and adopting Sohrab. Because Amir is the protagonist and the novel covers a large part of his life, there are many other actions that could be considered important, such as his marrying Soraya. The initial, two-part betrayal is critical to the development of the entire novel because Amir suffers tremendous guilt over his cowardly and petty behavior. He not only failed to intervene when Hassan was raped, but he actually framed Hassan for theft.

Amir's decision to return to his homeland is equally crucial because it brings him closer to Rashid Khan, who reveals the secret that Baba kept for so long—that Baba was actually Hassan’s father. Amir’s ability to forgive Baba is an important component of being able to forgive himself. Furthermore, once he knows that Hassan was his half-brother, he gains a sense of familial duty to rescue his nephew.

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