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How does a shared desire for the past shape Amir and Sohrab's relationship in "The Kite Runner"?

"I want my old life back" (355).

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Sohrab stated that he wanted his old life back just when he was recuperating from an attempted suicide. Earlier, Amir had informed Sohrab that he would put him up in an orphanage, something the boy did not agree with. Sohrab instead wanted to go to America with Amir, but by the time Amir got information that he could go with the boy, Sohrab had slit his wrists in the bathtub. Sohrab was tired of the suffering. He saw the orphanage as an extension of his current situation. He wanted to go back to his past life when he was happier, when he still had his mother and father.

Their desire for the past was connected. For Amir, he lived his younger life not knowing that the person he recognized as a servant was actually his brother. He hoped to go back to the past to rectify his mistakes especially his betrayal of Hassan. Amir and Sohrab both believed that their happiness was in their past, a time when they were around their lost loved ones.

“I want Father and Mother jan. I want Sasa. I want to play with Rahim Khan Sahib in the garden. I want to live in our house again.” He dragged his forearm across his eyes. “I want my old life back.”

I didn’t know what to say, where to look, so I gazed down at my hands. Your old life, I thought. My old life too. I played in the same yard, Sohrab. I lived in the same house. But the grass is dead and a stranger’s jeep is parked in the driveway of our house, pissing oil all over the asphalt. Our old life is gone, Sohrab…

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