How does Amir react when Baba buys Hassan the same kite as his?

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In Chapter 6, Amir describes how Baba would buy him and Hassan kites from an old man named Saifo, the city's most famous kite maker. Amir mentions that Baba would typically buy him and Hassan three identical kites. If Amir would change his mind and ask for a bigger, fancier kite, Baba would not only buy it for Amir, but he would also buy it for Hassan too. Amir mentions, "Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite" (Hosseini 40). Amir's feelings about Baba buying the same kite for Hassan reflect his disappointment about not being Baba's favorite child. Amir wants to be recognized and viewed as special by his father, but Baba refuses to put Amir on a pedestal and neglect Hassan. Baba insists that Hassan and Amir be treated equally, which upsets Amir. In addition to feeling unappreciated, Amir is also jealous that Hassan is always included in everything. He resents the fact that Baba shows admiration for Hassan. Amir simply wants to be recognized as an important child instead of being Hassan's equal all the time.

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