Themes and Issues Discussion for The Kite Runner

by McKinstry Rose

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade Levels

Grade 11


Instructions: The statements below represent themes or issues related to the novel. Use the codes below to rate each statement. For the justification, supply a personal, historical, social, or literary connection.

R= Refute (disagree; challenge)

S = Support (agree; defend)

Q= Qualify (disagree and agree)

  • Afghanistan, like America, is a melting pot. Justification:
  • The Kite Runner portrays Hosseini’s belief that the U. S. should not have sent troops to Afghanistan. Justification:
  • The novel is mainly about epic struggles. Justification:
  • Sacrifice cannot bring redemption. Justification:
  • The conflicting emotions of love and hate drive all of the novel’s main relationships. Justification:
  • Amir and Hassan are friends. Justification:
  • All true friendships require a loyalty test. Justification:
  • Amir’s ultimate betrayal is not protecting Hassan from Assef. Justification:
  • A person can commit an act that is beyond redemption. Justification:
  • A person’s childhood, or even his infancy, determines his future. Justification:
  • Hosseini stresses the ideas of free will and personal choice. Justification:
  • Children reap what their parents sow. Justification:
  • It is better to read a book about a specific culture written by an indigenous author rather than one written from an outsider’s perspective. Justification:
  • The U.S. had an obligation to help Afghanistan after the Russians fled. Justification:
  • All people have consciences. Justification:
  • Most religions promote violence. Justification:
  • Hosseini’s choice of Amir as the narrator over Hassan has a positive effect on the novel. Justification:
  • Discrimination is part of human nature and will always exist. Justification:


Themes and Issues Discussion for college prep students for The Kite Runner