The Kite Runner, Chapters 4-7 Quiz

by McKinstry Rose

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade Levels

Grade 11


Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Make sure you answer all parts of the question.

Quote 1: “Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay.”

  • What does Amir mean when he says this in Chapter 7?
  • When Amir says this, he reveals his reason for not defending Hassan against Assef. What is that reason?

Quote 2: “That’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.”

  • Who is the character who “means everything” he says, and who says this about him?
  • How is this quote an example of foreshadowing?

Quote 3: “Baba and I lived in the same house, but in different spheres of existence. __?__ were the one paperthin slice of intersection between those two spheres.”

  • Short answer: What goes in the blank above? It’s the one thing that finally connects Baba and Amir.
  • Is Amir right in his assessment (does that event or object bring together Baba and Amir)? Support your answer.

Quote 4: “Born to a German mother and Afghan father, the blond, blue-eyed Assef towered over the other kids.”

  • Why does the author make his character, Assef, part German?
  • What is Assef’s plan for Afghanistan?
  • What word does Amir use to describe Assef (because there is no Farsi equivalent)? It refers to acts that Assef has committed and his attitude toward those acts.

Bonus: Name one of Assef’s partners in crime or sidekicks.


College Prep level quiz for Chapters 4-7 of The Kite Runner