The Kite Runner Characters

The Kite Runner key characters:

  • In The Kite Runner, Amir is the protagonist. His introverted and bookish nature undermines his father’s wishes for him. Amir struggles to win his father’s love and feels jealous of Hassan’s connection to Baba. Amir’s betrayal of his childhood friend leads him to return to Afghanistan.

  • Baba is a respected member of the Afghan community. He is disappointed that Amir is not strong and decisive, though he eventually accepts his son.

  • Hassan is a young servant at Baba’s house who is intelligent despite his lack of education. He is fiercely loyal to Amir despite Amir’s betrayal.

  • Assef is an older bully with fascistic beliefs who rapes Hassan and eventually becomes a high-ranking official in the Taliban.

  • Soraya is the wife of Amir. Her rebellious attitude and scandalous past alienate her from the community but she remains devoted to caring for her husband and father-in-law.


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Ali is the lifelong servant of Baba's family. Stricken with polio as a child, Ali endures the...

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