The Kite Runner Chapters 11–15
by Khaled Hosseini

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Chapters 11–15

Chapter 11

The story moves forward to the 1980s and to Fremont, California, where Baba and Amir settled two years ago. Although Baba loved the idea of America, he has found it hard to adjust to the drastically different culture and is forced to work in a gas station to make ends meet. One day Baba overturns a magazine rack in a store because the owner asked to see his ID card when he tried to pay with a check. Amir understands American customs better than his father does and tells Baba that they have to ask for ID in the US, but he still feels a strong desire to explain that Afghanistan had a more trusting culture.

In the summer of 1983, Amir graduates from high school. Baba takes Amir out for dinner that night and then to a bar. As a present, he gives Amir a car, an old Ford Gran Torino.

Amir later tells Baba that he wants to study creative writing. Baba disapproves, as he believes it would be a worthless pursuit and not lead to any significant prospects.

In the summer of 1984, Amir turns twenty-one. Baba purchases a Volkswagen van, and they begin selling goods at the San Jose flea market. The flea market is a hub of Afghan culture and, for Baba, a welcome reminder of the country he so loves. Amir is introduced to General Taheri and enchanted by the general’s daughter, Soraya. Baba is reluctant to gossip about Soraya, but after some persuasion, he tells Amir that she was involved with a man, and things went very badly. She has not had any suitors since. But Amir does not care, and that night he falls asleep thinking about his “Swap Meet Princess.”

Chapter 12

After nearly a year of longing for Soraya, Amir finally approaches her under the guise of looking for her father. He asks Soraya what she is reading, but he is very aware that their talking may become a topic of gossip for the Afghan community. He learns that Soraya dreams of being a teacher after being inspired by teaching an illiterate servant to read.

One day Amir brings Soraya one of his own stories, but just as she is about to begin reading it, General Taheri appears. Soraya is forced to hand the story to the general, which he discards in the bin. He gives Amir a firm warning about the inappropriateness of his visits.

Amir has little time to dwell on this, as Baba becomes ill. He is diagnosed with lung cancer but refuses all palliative treatment.

Baba’s health declines rapidly, and one day at the flea market, he has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Amir asks Baba for one “last fatherly duty”—to ask General Taheri for Soraya’s hand in marriage. General Taheri gives his consent, but before accepting, Soraya insists on telling Amir about her past. When she was eighteen, she ran away with an Afghan man. She asks Amir if he still wants to marry her knowing this. Amir admits that her sexual history does bother him a little but says that nothing could change his desire to marry her.

Chapter 13

Amir and Baba go to the Taheris’ house for the traditional ceremony of “giving word,” and Amir and Soraya’s wedding is hastened because of Baba’s illness. Baba spends his life savings of $35,000 on the wedding ceremony, including an Afghan banquet hall, rings, and a tuxedo for Amir. Amir remembers snapshots from the wedding day, such as him and Soraya being seated around a table, dressed in green and surrounded by relatives. During the ceremony, they are covered by a veil but can stare at each other’s reflections in a mirror. It is here that Amir tells Soraya he loves her for the first time, making her blush.

When Baba dies, a myriad of mourners attend his funeral, all with unique stories about how Baba helped shape their lives. Amir struggles to think of his identity outside that of being “Baba’s son.”

As Amir and Soraya never had an engagement, he knows very little about her family. He learns that Soraya’s mother, Jamila, was once known for being a wonderful singer, but the general stopped her singing in public when they married. Soraya tells Amir that...

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