Kitchen Topics for Further Study
by Mahoko Yoshimoto

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Topics for Further Study

(Short Stories for Students)

What do you think Eriko’s transsexuality adds to this story? Explain how you think Mikage’s and Yuichi’s love affair would have been different if Eriko had just been a mother who worked at a nightclub.

Make a list of foods that you think would be comforting in a time of grief, and why. Try to determine if there is any physiological basis for your hunch.

This book has been made into a movie twice in Japan. What problems do you think the scriptwriters would have encountered while adapting it? What scenes would be most effective on the screen? What key scenes would not translate well to movies?

Write a short story explaining what life is like for Mikage and Yuichi one year, five years, or fifteen years into the future. You can write it from Mikage’s point of view, as the book is, or from Yuichi’s.