Criticism: Attacks On The Kit-Cat Club - Essay

Mary Astell (essay date 1709)

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

SOURCE: Astell, Mary. “To the Most Illustrious Society of the Kit-Cats.” In Bart'lemy Fair or an Enquiry after Wit in which due Respect is had to a Letter Concerning Enthusiasm. To my Lord ***. By Mr. Wotton, pp. 3-16. London: R. Wilkin, 1709.

[The following essay formed the dedication to Astell's pseudonymously published pamphlet Bart'lemy Fair. In it, Astell parodies the standard form of a dedication and condemns the Kit-Cat Club by means of a sarcastic encomium of the members.]

My Lords, & c.

The Reputation of being the avow'd Patrons of Wit and good Humour, and the properest Subjects of it, which you have so justly acquir'd,...

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Edward Ward (essay date 1709)

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

SOURCE: Ward, Edward. “Of the Kit-Cat Club.” In The Secret History of Clubs, pp. 363-77. London: n.p., 1709.

[In the following essay, Ward provides a satirical history of the Kit-Cat Club.]

This Ingenious Society of Apollo's Sons, who, for many Years, have been the Grand Monopolizers of those scandalous Commodities in this Fighting Age, viz. Wit and Poetry, had first the honour to be founded by an Amphibeous Mortal, Chief Merchant to the Muses; and in these Times of Piracy both Bookseller and Printer, who having, many Years since, conceived a wonderful Kindness for one of the greasie Fraternity, then Living at the end of Bell-Court in...

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