Historical Context

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Post-World War II American and Japanese Society

The United States entered World War II after the Japanese bombed...

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Literary Style

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Foreign Language

Beginning with the title of the novel, Japanese words and their English translations appear...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

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(Masterpieces of American Literature)

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Topics for Further Study

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  • Research the U.S. labor movement in the twentieth century. What segments of the population joined unions? Did some ethnic groups...

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Media Adaptations

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  • Kira-Kira was released in an unabridged version on audio CD by Listening Library in 2005. It is narrated by Elaina Erika...

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What Do I Read Next?

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  • Sherry Garland's Shadow of the Dragon (1993) is the story of Danny Vo, a high school sophomore trying to resolve the conflict...

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