Kingsley Amis World Literature Analysis - Essay

Kingsley Amis World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Like most novelists, Amis was interested above all in human nature, and for most of his life he trained both eye and ear upon the exploration of that subject in all of its fascinating dimensions. From that exploration a primary theme emerged, one to which Amis himself referred when writing about G. K. Chesterton, whom he greatly admired, and Chesterton’s novel The Man Who Was Thursday (1908). In that book, Amis sensed “a feeling that the world we see and hear and touch is a flimsy veil that only just manages to cover up a deeper and far more awful reality.” It is a feeling that the reader encounters in Amis’s work as well, for the assumption underlying his novels is that people live in a broken world. The...

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