Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

King’s Ransom tells the true story of Bulgaria during World War II and how both Jewish and Christian values prompted national action against Hitler’s “final solution” in Bulgaria. Because of Bulgaria’s geographic position in the Balkans, King Boris despaired of protecting his country from Nazi control and possible communist takeover by Russian troops. His attempts, despite the odds, to prevent German seizure of Bulgarian territory and people through diplomacy and decrees were met by those of both Jewish and Orthodox Christian leaders, who developed strategies to protect Jews. The resistance with which the real-life evil of Nazism was met by those who faced severe consequences for upholding Judeo-Christian values is key to the book’s major theme: that evil is real, and the fight against evil requires courage and a willingness to risk the ultimate sacrifice.

Underlying Christian and Jewish values surface throughout the novel: Prayer comforts most Bulgarians, both Orthodox and Jewish, as they face hostile persecution of Jews by those officials who support German efforts to exterminate all Jews in Europe. Motivated by their consciences, religious leaders risk their safety, threatening to block trains and denouncing political efforts to strip Jews of property, employment, and citizenship. True to their spiritual calling, they willingly sacrifice their comfort to protest attempts to deport Jews from Bulgaria to concentration camps.


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