(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Sister Gracia

Sister Gracia (GRAH-see-ah), a member of the benevolent order of St. Vincent de Paul. In the play, Sister Gracia is shown in three stages of her devotion to the alleviation of suffering to which she has pledged herself. At the age of nineteen, she is assigned to a home for poverty-stricken old men. At twenty-nine, she is assisting in a home for unwed mothers. The confusion and heartbreak there take her to the verge of collapse. Dr. Enrique, who loves her, asks her to marry him. She refuses, asks for a transfer, and is last seen at the age of seventy, when she is Mother Superior in charge of an orphanage.


Gabriel (gah-bree-EHL-), formerly the valet to Sister Gracia’s grandfather.


Liborio (lee-BOHR-ee-oh), a half-wit Cuban.


Trajano (trah-HAH-noh), a superannuated anarchist. He, Gabriel, and Liborio are pensioners at the home for poverty-stricken old men, Sister Gracia’s first assignment.

Sister Manuela

Sister Manuela (mahn-WEH-lah), Mother Superior of the old men’s home.


Quica (KEE-kah), a perennial and casual offender.


Candelas (kahn-DEH-lahs), a fundamentally good and fiercely independent girl.


Margarita (mahr-gah-REE-tah), a bitter aristocrat. She, Quica, and Candelas are residents of the home for unwed mothers, Sister Gracia’s second assignment.

Dr. Enrique

Dr. Enrique (ehn-REE-kay), a physician at the home for unwed mothers. He loves Sister Gracia and tries to persuade her to marry him.

Sister Cristina

Sister Cristina (krees-TEE-nah), Mother Superior at the home for unwed mothers.

Sister Dionisia

Sister Dionisia (dee-oh-NEE-see-ah), an assistant at the orphanage, Sister Gracia’s last assignment.

Juan de Dios

Juan de Dios (hwahn deh dee-OHS), an aspiring bullfighter and former resident of the orphanage. He returns to honor Sister Gracia with a souvenir of his first triumph in the ring.


Felipe (feh-LEE-peh), a mutinous resident of the orphanage, to whom Sister Gracia gives counsel and assurance.

Don Lorenzo

Don Lorenzo (loh-REHN-soh) and

María Isabela

María Isabela (ee-sah-BEHL-ah), Sister Gracia’s parents.