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King Solomon's Mines

by H. Rider Haggard

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Who is the character Neville in King Solomon's Mines?

Expert Answers

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George Neville is Sir Henry Curtis's long-lost brother. He was lost on an expedition to find King Solomon's Mines. Sir Henry has decided to embark upon an expedition of his own to find him, and asks Allan Quatermain to accompany him and Captain John Good on the journey, which he readily agrees to do.

Neville had quarreled with his family years before. After leaving them, he took off to Africa, where he changed his name. Once there, he set about looking for the fabled King Solomon's Mines, rumored to be the source of fantastic mineral wealth. No one knows for sure if the mines even exist; even a hardened old explorer like Quatermain doesn't know for certain. But whether real or not, King Solomon's Mines exert a strange fascination over men looking to prove themselves in the world and make their fortune. George Neville is one such man.

Unfortunately for him, however, he got lost on his expedition. Yet George need not have fear, for the intrepid trio of Sir Henry, Captain Good, and Quatermain finally manage to track him down after a long, arduous, but highly eventful journey. George is in a bit of a jam when they catch up with him, stranded in an oasis with a broken leg, but he's not too bad otherwise, considering all he's been through.

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