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(Great Characters in Literature)

Allan Quatermain

Allan Quatermain, an English explorer and sportsman. He agrees to help Sir Henry Curtis find the latter’s lost brother. He is the leader of the expedition to find the brother and, also, Solomon’s treasure.

Sir Henry Curtis

Sir Henry Curtis, Quatermain’s friend and companion on the expedition.

Captain John Good

Captain John Good, a retired army officer, Quatermain’s friend and companion on the expedition.

George Neville

George Neville, Sir Henry Curtis’ brother, who has changed his name. Lost while hunting for King Solomon’s mines, he is found and given one-third of the treasure the expedition discovers.

José Silvestre

José Silvestre, a Portuguese explorer who, as he was dying, gave Quatermain a map showing the location of King Solomon’s mines.


Ventvögel, a Hottentot hired by Quatermain for the safari. He freezes to death in the mountains during the expedition.


Umbopa, a Zulu hired by Quatermain. He is really Ignosi, hereditary chief of the Kukuana tribe. He regains his rightful place and befriends the white men.


Khiva, a Zulu hired by Quatermain. He dies saving Captain Good from an enraged elephant.


Infadoos, a native subchieftain among the Kukuanas who helps Ignosi regain his kingship of the tribe.


Twala, a hideous one-eyed giant who has usurped the kingship of the Kukuanas. He is killed by Sir Henry during a battle between his forces and the Kukuanas loyal to Ignosi.


Scragga, Twala’s cruel son. He is killed with his own spear by Quatermain.


Gagool, a native sorceress who murders many of her tribesmen in a witch hunt and tries to kill the white men.


Foulata, a beautiful native woman. Saved once by the white men, she is later stabbed to death by Gagool.


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