Chapter 19 Summary

After resting for two days, the men return down the mountain, not really that much worse for their experience. The only consequences seem to be a few more gray hairs on Quatermain’s head. Also, Captain Good has been changed by Foulata’s death, although Quatermain sees it as a blessing in disguise because such a relationship would have been impossible in white civilization, despite Foulata’s beauty.

Before they leave, they return to the Chamber of Death but can find no way to raise the stone doorway to the treasure chamber, although Gagool’s crushed body still remains. They leave the treasure, along with poor Foulata’s bones, to be found by some future explorer. 

Ten days after they escape from the labyrinth, the three men return to Loo. Quatermain still has some diamonds in his pockets, although he lost some on the fall down the mountainside. It is still enough to make him wealthy for a long time to come.

On learning of Gagool’s death, Ignosi calls for his ancient councilor, Induna, who was born on the same day as Ignosi’s grandfather, and tells him of the witch hunter’s fate. Induna says that a great curse has been lifted from the land.

Quatermain tells Ignosi that it is time for him and his companions to leave, reminding him of his promise to rule justly. Ignosi is grief stricken by this news, accusing them of loving the diamonds more than him and cursing the “white stones.”

Quatermain reminds him how much he had missed his homeland in his years of wandering. It is the same for the white men. Ignosi swears that from now on, no white man will be allowed in his lands. His three white friends will be the only ones allowed to return.

Ignosi promises to send a regiment as an escort. The three white men bid him good-bye and leave Loo. Before they exit the town, however, a young girl begs to see Good’s “beautiful white legs” one more time. Good refuses, but eventually he gives in and raises his pant legs.

Infadoos leads the regiment that guides the white men across the Kukuana’s domains. He bids them farewell, telling them of an oasis on the way. Captain Good gives Infadoos a spare monocle as a gift, which Infadoos proudly wears. 

Sir Henry and Captain Good reflect fondly on their adventures in Kukuanaland. Quatermain, however, is just glad to have survived. They start across the desert, and after three days reach the oasis.