Chapter 15 Summary

Sir Henry, Captain Good, and Quatermain are taken to Twala’s hut, where their wounds can be treated. Foulata, the woman they saved from dying as a sacrifice to the mountains, serves as their nurse. Although their chain mail managed to save their lives, they are still terribly bruised by the blows of the enemies’ spears.

That night Sir Henry sleeps in the bed of Twala, the man whom he killed. It is a fitful night as the cries of those mourning their dead fill the air, as well as the terrible dreams that haunt their sleep.

In the morning, it is discovered that Captain Good is seriously ill with a high fever and internal injuries. When Infadoos comes to the hut to greet them, he is concerned about Good’s injuries. He treats Sir Henry with great reverence as the deliverer of the Kukuana people. He tells the white men that all of Twala’s regiments have submitted to the rule of Ignosi.

At this news, Quatermain reflects on the rise of Umbopa their servant to Ignosi the king of Kukuanaland. Ignosi announces that he will kill Gagool along with all the other witch hunters. Quatermain points out that she is the only one left who knows the secret of King Solomon’s Mines. Ignosi says that he remembers his promise to help his white friends to find the mines, so he will think about Gagool’s fate.

Captain Good is near death for several days, tended faithfully by Foulata. Quatermain is concerned to see that she has becoming increasingly devoted to the man with the “beautiful white legs.”

After five days, Quatermain comes to check on Good and sees him lying still. He fears his friend is dead, but Foulata, speaking from the shadows where she has remained at Good’s side for five days, assures him that Good is sleeping soundly and will live.

When Good recovers, he is told of Foulata’s devotion to him. He thanks Foulata for saving his life, but she reminds him that it is he who saved her life first (quite forgetting the part that Quatermain and Sir Henry played in that episode). Quatermain fears that Good, as a typical sailor, will take advantage of Foulata’s devotion.

Over the coming days, the three white men are treated with great reverence by the Kukuana people. When they express a desire to continue on with their quest, Ignosi tells them that Twala was buried in a cave high up in the mountains. Near that place is a deep pit, which may be King Solomon’s diamond mine.

Since only Gagool now knows the secret, Ignosi tells her that she is to guide the white men to the mines. If she will not, she will die. At first Gagool adamantly refuses, threatening Ignosi with a curse, but she eventually relents. Ignosi tells her that she will lead the white men up the mountains the following day.