Chapter 11 Summary

Infadoos brings six warriors to Ignosi and the white men, asking Ignosi to show them the serpent tattoo. He does so but they are still cautious, saying that he easily could have tattooed himself recently.

The white men are unable to think of another sign until Captain Good shows them in his almanac that a lunar eclipse is to occur the following night. Quatermain is unsure, stating that they could be mistaken about the date, or it might be cloudy during the eclipse.

They have no other choice, however, so they tell the six warriors that they will cause the moon to disappear, and by this they will know that they tell the truth and Ignosi is their king. Ignosi is grateful for their help in regaining his throne for him, and he agrees to their request that when he becomes king, he will put an end to the witch hunts.

The next evening, the Girls’ Dance will occur, during which the prettiest girl will be sacrificed to the silent Stone Ones (the three mountains that rise nearby). The white men put on the chain mail that Twala gave them, hiding it under their shirts.

They go to the Dance, and Twala asks Quatermain which girl dancer is the prettiest. Quatermain points one out, immediately regretting that he has set the girl up for certain death. Twala will not relent because the prophecy states that the king who does not sacrifice a girl will die, ending the reign of his house as king of the Kukuana.

When Scragga prepares to throw his spear, the girl begs for mercy. She grabs onto Captain Good’s “beautiful white legs,” asking him to protect her. Quatermain demands that the girl, whose name is Foulata, be spared.

Seeing that the eclipse has started, Quatermain raises his hands and commands the moon to disappear. As the light fades, the people cry out in terror. Gagool tells them that she has seen this before and that the shadow will pass.

Scragga throws his spear at Sir Henry, but it bounces off his chain mail hidden under his shirt. Sir Henry picks up the spear and throws it at Scragga, killing him instantly.

King Twala and all the people race to the safety of their huts for protection against the magic that is causing the moon to disappear. Quatermain asks Infadoos and the six warriors to lead them to a place of safety while they make war upon King Twala to overthrow him and place Ignosi on the throne.