Chapter 10 Summary

Quatermain tells Infadoos that it seems to him that Twala is a cruel king. Infadoos agrees and says that the land cries out against his tyranny.

Quatermain asks why the people do not get rid of him. Infadoos replies that they have respect for the office of king, even if they do not like the king himself. Also Scragga is the next in line, and he is even worse than his father.

Umbopa asks if he is sure that Ignosi, the son of Twala’s brother, is dead. He tells them that the queen and her son did not die but escaped over the mountains and were found by a wandering tribe. The queen eventually died and the son became a wanderer, working as a servant and a soldier.

Infadoos dismisses Umbopa as insane, but Umbopa, calling the old man “uncle,” tells him that he will show him. He takes off his loincloth and reveals the serpent tattoo. Infadoos realizes that Umbopa is really Ignosi, his nephew and his king. He bows before him, but Umbopa/Ignosi reminds him that he cannot be king as long as Twala lives.

Sir Henry asks Ignosi, as Umbopa is now known, if any white man had set foot within Kukuanaland, and Ignosi disappoints him by saying that no white man, which means Sir Henry’s brother, has been seen in that area.

Infadoos says that he has a plan. Messengers arrive with gifts of mail shirts, handed down through many generations, from the king. The white men put them on under their clothing and join the Kukuanas at their great dance.

Twala is sitting before the people with Gagool by his side. Infadoos told the white men that Twala used Gagool for a “witch hunt” to take people’s property and wives. One by one, Gagool identifies people as witches. They are killed immediately.

About a hundred men have been put to death when Gagool points to Ignosi as a witch. Quatermain objects that Ignosi is their servant (their “dog”) and thus immune to their witch hunt on the grounds of hospitality. Twala insists that Ignosi must die.

Sir Henry, Captain Good, and Quatermain all point their revolvers at Twala, warning the surrounding warriors that their king will die if any of them touch Ignosi. Twala relents, saying that it is only on the grounds of hospitality that Ignosi has been saved. They return to their hut accompanied by Ignosi and resolve to wait until Infadoos arrives.