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Characters Discussed


Hadgi-Stavros HAHD-ji STAHV-rohs), “king of the mountains,” a cruel Greek brigand. He holds people for ransom, killing them if the ransom is not paid. He shows his cruelty by torturing Hermann Schultz, even trying to roast the young German alive.

Hermann Schultz

Hermann Schultz, a young German botanist doing research in the Greek mountains. Captured by the brigands, he daringly dupes them of their hostages and their ransom. He poisons the brigands with arsenic from his specimen box.

Mrs. Simons

Mrs. Simons, a wealthy, arrogant Englishwoman captured by Hadgi-Stavros. She encourages Hermann with her daughter until rescued. After their rescue, she is but icily polite to the young man.

John Harris

John Harris, Hermann’s American friend. He keeps Photini as a hostage until the young German is released by the bandits.


Photini (foh-TEE-nee), a homely Greek girl in love with John Harris. She turns out to be the daughter of the king of the mountains.


Dmitri (DMEE-tree), a young Greek in love with Photini. He acts as Mrs. Simons’ guide while on her tour of the Greek countryside, during which she is captured by the brigands.

Mary Ann Simons

Mary Ann Simons, the daughter of Mrs. Simons. She is loved by Hermann, although he realizes her mother will not let them marry.

Captain Pericles

Captain Pericles (PEHR-ih-kleez), a soldier in league with the brigands.