King Lear Overview Quiz

How well do you know Shakespeare's classic tragedy?

  1. Complete the quotation:CORDELIA:  O my dear father, restoration hang                    Thy __________ on my lips, and let this kiss                   Repair those violent harms that my two sisters                    Have in thy reverence made.

  2. Which country sends an army to England to fight on Lear's behalf?

  3. What does Lear realize as he wanders on the heath?

  4. Where and when does King Lear take place?

  5. Who says, "Now, gods, stand up for bastards!"

  6. Complete the quotation:LEAR: O reason not the need! our basest _________         Are in the poorest thing superfluous.

  7. Who are Cordelia's suitors?

  8. What is Poor Tom's real name?

  9. Edmund says, " . . . all three now marry in an instant." Who is he referring to?

  10. Who falls in love with Edmund?

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