Act IV, Scene 7: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Kent prefer not to reveal his true identity to anyone except Cordelia?

2. In what way has the King’s attire been changed?

3. Why is the King able to sleep so well?

4. How long has it been since Cordelia has seen her father?

5. When Lear awakens, where does he think he has been?

6. Is Lear angry at Cordelia in this scene?

7. How does Cordelia feel when her father finally recognizes her as his daughter?

8. Why does the doctor want Cordelia and the others to leave the King alone after they have spoken with him for a while?

9. What news does the Gentleman tell the disguised Kent about Edgar and Kent?

10. Who has taken the former Duke of Cornwall’s place as the leader of the people?

1. Kent is not ready to reveal his identity because at this point in the play his purpose for the disguise has not been completely fulfilled.

2. The King’s clothes have been changed from the ragged attire that he wore in the storm to “fresh garments.”

3. The King has been given a drug to help him sleep.

4. Cordelia has not seen her father since she was banished in the first scene of the play.

5. Lear thinks he has been taken him out of the grave.

6. Lear is not angry at Cordelia but tells her she has cause to hate him.

7. Cordelia is overjoyed when her father identifies her as his daughter.

8. The doctor does not want to risk the overexertion of the King.

9. Ironically, the Gentleman tells the disguised Kent that Edgar and Kent are rumored to be residing in Germany.

10. Edmund has taken Cornwall’s place after his death.

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