King Lear Act IV, Scene 5: Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Has Albany raised an army to fight France?

2. Who is a better soldier than Albany? Why?

3. What does Regan think Edmund has set out to do?

4. Why does Regan want Gloucester out of the way?

5. Who sent Oswald with a letter for Edmund?

6. Why does Regan want to read Goneril’s letter to Edmund?

7. Does Oswald know what the letter contains?

8. According to Regan, what are the obvious signs of Goneril’s love for Edmund?

9. What does Regan ask Oswald to do to Gloucester?

10. How does Oswald feel about his instructions to kill Gloucester?

1. Albany has raised an army, but only with much persuasion.

2. Goneril, Albany’s wife, is a better soldier than he because she has ambition for her own power.

3. Regan thinks Edmund plans to murder his father.

4. Regan wants Gloucester killed because sympathy for his blindness will turn people against her.

5. Goneril sent Oswald with a letter for Edmund.

6. Regan wants to read Goneril’s letter because she sees her sister as her rival for Edmund’s attentions.

7. Oswald probably does not know the contents of the letter.

8. Goneril has been gazing amorously at Edmund.

9. Regan wants Gloucester to be killed.

10. Oswald will do anything as long as he can get a promotion for doing it.