King Lear Act IV, Scene 4: Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scene 4: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. As Cordelia enters, what has she heard regarding the King?

2. What does Cordelia instruct her officer to do?

3. Who does Cordelia depend on to heal her ailing father?

4. What will the doctor use in his treatment of the King?

5. What kind of treatment does the doctor prescribe?

6. In what way will Cordelia’s tears aid the King’s treatment?

7. Why is Cordelia anxious to find her father very soon?

8. Why does Cordelia’s army invade Britain?

9. What is this scene’s main function?

10. What was the King wearing when Cordelia last saw him?

1. Cordelia has heard that the King is singing loudly and wears a crown of weeds on his head.

2. Cordelia instructs her officer to search for the King until he finds him.

3. Cordelia depends on the Doctor to heal her father.

4. The Doctor will use medicinal herbs to treat the King.

5. The Doctor prescribes sedated rest for the King.

6. Cordelia’s tears will water the rare herbs that will remediate her father’s distress.

7. She is afraid he will die if he goes on much longer.

8. Cordelia says the French army is there to defend her “ag’d father’s right.”

9. This scene functions to give us background on the King’s condition before he reappears.

10. The King was dressed in his royal regalia when Cordelia was banished in Act I.