Act IV, Scene 2: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Goneril send Edmund away when they arrive at Albany’s palace?

2. In what ways has Albany’s disposition changed?

3. To what does Goneril attribute Albany’s change?

4. What does Albany accuse Goneril of doing?

5. What news does Goneril bring to her husband, Albany?

6. In what way does Goneril compare Edmund with Albany?

7. How does Albany describe Goneril’s personality?

8. What important news does a messenger bring to Goneril and Albany?

9. What is Goneril’s reaction to Cornwall’s death?

10. Why does Albany want revenge?

1. Goneril sends Edmund back to her sister because she does not think he would be welcomed by the changed Albany.

2. Albany smiles when told the French army has landed, he does not welcome his wife upon her arrival, and calls Oswald a “sot” for telling him of Gloucester’s traitorous activities.

3. Goneril feels Albany is cowardly and, therefore, he wishes to avoid the recent events that have taken place in the

4. Albany accuses Goneril of cruel treatment of her father, the King.

5. Goneril brings news of the impending invasion by France.

6. Goneril sees Edmund’s manliness as superior to Albany’s.

7. Albany describes Goneril as a devil disguised in a woman’s body.

8. The messenger brings news of the Duke of Cornwall’s death.

9. Goneril has mixed feelings about Cornwall’s death. She delights in the power she has gained but is afraid that her sister might strike up a new relationship with Edmund.

10. Albany wishes to avenge the recent sufferings of Gloucester, who had his eyes gouged out.

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