Act IV, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who is leading the blind Duke as the scene opens?

2. Who leads Gloucester to Dover?

3. What is Edgar’s mood in his soliloquy?

4. How does Edgar feel when he sees his blind father?

5. What does Gloucester tell the old man to bring for Edgar?

6. How does the old man respond to Gloucester’s request for clothes?

7. Why is it difficult for Edgar to keep up his disguise?

8. Why does Gloucester give Edgar his purse?

9. In this scene how does Gloucester feel about the distribution of wealth?

10. Where does Gloucester want Edgar to lead him near Dover?

1. The old man, a former tenant, leads the blind Gloucester.

2. Edgar, still disguised as Tom o’ Bedlam, leads Gloucester to Dover.

3. Edgar feels encouraged, thinking that the worst is over.

4. Edgar feels he is worse than he ever was, now that he sees his blinded father.

5. Gloucester tells the old man to bring Edgar, disguised as poor Tom, some clothes to wear.

6. The old man says he will bring the best apparel that he has.

7. It is difficult for Edgar to look at his father’s condition and still keep up his madman’s disguise.

8. Gloucester gives Edgar his purse because he trusts him. He is blind and cannot handle his own money.

9. Gloucester feels each person should have enough.

10. Gloucester wants Edgar to lead him to a cliff near Dover.

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