Act III, Scene 6: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who are the defendants in Lear’s mock trial?

2. Who is chosen by Lear as the “justicer” in the mock trial?

3. Why does Lear refer to Edgar as a “robed man of justice”?

4. What is the Fool’s position in the mock trial?

5. How does Kent respond to his position as one of the judges?

6. Whom does the King arraign first in the mock trial?

7. What is Goneril’s crime in the trial?

8. What does the King wish to do to Regan?

9. What does Gloucester tell Kent to do with the King? Why?

10. What is significant about Edgar’s actions at the end of the scene?

1. Goneril and Regan are the defendants in Lear’s mock trial.

2. Lear chooses Edgar, disguised as Tom o’ Bedlam, as his “justicer.”

3. The blanket Edgar wears is considered a robe by Lear.

4. The Fool is Edgar’s “yoke-fellow of equity” or legal partner.

5. Kent feels only pity for the King and says very little.

6. The King arraigns Goneril first.

7. Goneril’s crime is kicking “the poor king her father.”

8. The King would like to “anatomize Regan” to find the cause of her “hard heart.”

9. Gloucester tells Kent to take the King to Dover in a litter. Gloucester is afraid for the King’s life.

10. Edgar’s pain has become “light and portable” and he feels restored.

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