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Act III, Scene 3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do Cornwall and Regan refuse to grant Gloucester the use of his own castle?

2. How does Edmund feel about the abusive treatment of the King?

3. What news does Gloucester’s dangerous letter contain?

4. What powers are “already footed” in this scene according to Gloucester?

5. Where does Gloucester keep the letter?

6. What does Edmund decide to do about the news his father has given him?

7. Why does Edmund betray his father’s trust in him?

8. What does Gloucester tell Edmund to say to Cornwall if he asks for him?

9. What will be the penalty if Cornwall discovers Gloucester’s intentions?

10. In what way does this scene function as an interim scene?

1. Cornwall and Regan are punishing Gloucester for giving help to the King.

2. Edmund...

(The entire section is 257 words.)