King Lear Act III, Scene 2: Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act III, Scene 2: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Lear set the scene at the beginning?

2. How does Lear compare his daughters to the elements?

3. What does the Fool beg Lear to do to get out of the storm?

4. Who later joins Lear and the Fool in the storm?

5. Where does Kent finally lead Lear to shelter him from the storm?

6. What does Kent plan to do after he finds shelter for Lear and the Fool?

7. How does Lear express his compassion for his Fool?

8. What does Lear wear on his head when he goes out into the storm?

9. Whose prophecy does the Fool recite?

10. According to the King, who has sent the terrible storm on the heath?

1. Lear uses imagery depicting the storm on the heath.

2. Lear personifies the elements as “servile ministers” of his daughters who are trying to destroy him.

3. The Fool begs Lear to ask his daughters’ blessing so they will take him in.

4. Kent joins Lear and the Fool in the storm.

5. Kent leads Lear into a hovel to shelter him from the wind and the rain.

6. Kent plans to go back to Gloucester’s castle to see whether he will receive him.

7. Lear feels sorry for the Fool, inviting him into his hovel and asking him whether he is cold.

8. Lear goes into the storm bareheaded.

9. The Fool recites the prophecy of Merlin who has not yet been born.

10. Lear thinks the gods have sent the storm to punish the secret crimes that have never been brought to justice.