Act II, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Edmund ask Edgar to raise his sword against him?

2. Why is Edmund’s arm bleeding in this scene?

3.What does Gloucester propose to do after Edgar’s escape?

4. Who does Gloucester ask to help him find Edgar and bring him to justice?

5. Who does Regan blame for Edgar’s alleged problem with his father?

6. What will the King find when he and his followers reach Regan’s house?

7. Why have Cornwall and Regan come to Gloucester’s castle? What do they wish to discuss with him?

8. Why does Cornwall commend Edmund?

9. Whom does Gloucester call his “loyal and natural boy”?

10. Why does Gloucester intend to publish Edgar’s picture throughout the kingdom?

1. Edmund wants his father to see him attempting to prevent Edgar’s escape.

2. Edmund gave himself a wound with his own sword to impress his father.

3. Gloucester says that Edgar shall not remain uncaught and proposes to send his picture throughout the kingdom.

4. Gloucester asks the Duke of Albany’s help in finding Edgar and bringing him to justice.

5. Regan blames his association with the King’s “riotous knights” who, she thinks, have put him up to it.

6. The King will find that Regan and her husband are not there.

7. Cornwall and Regan have come to ask for Gloucester’s advice about the quarrel between Goneril and the King.

8. Cornwall commends Edmund for his virtue and obedience.

9. Edmund is called Gloucester’s “loyal and natural boy.”

10. Gloucester plans to publish Edgar’s picture throughout the kingdom so that someone will report having seen him, which could help matters regarding his capture.

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