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King Lear Playbill Assignment

by morrol

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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Your assignment is to create a playbill for King Lear. A playbill is a program given to theater goers as they enter a show. You will work in pairs of your choosing. There will be one group of three. Your playbills will include the following;

  • Cover: You cover must catch the eye and reveal a fundamental, recognizable aspect of the play.
  • A Table of Contents: Your table of contents will give page numbers for the contents of the playbill.
  • About the Author: One page of important information about the author (pictures optional).
  • Synopsis: A brief overview of the play by acts. (plot summary)
  • Cast of Characters: A list of every character in the play with a picture of a real actor you have chosen to cast as that role. Next to every actor should be a justification of why that actor was chosen to represent that character.
  • 2 Critical Essays: One essay must be a character analysis of any character in the play. The second essay must be an analysis of a major theme in the play. They must both be two pages each. Remember to show how language and rhetorical devices are used to reveal truth about character and theme. (If there are three people in your group, there must be a third essay on either theme or character)
  • Advertisements: Be creative. Your playbill must have a full-page ad, and two half-page ads. (Group of three= two additional half page ads). Works Cited: ALL works cited in MLA format.
  • Aesthetics: Does your playbill look like a real publication (or reasonably close)? Is it colorful and generally pleasing to look at?


This assignment is fun and allows students to be creative. This is a description of the assignment and the rubric. Students will create a playbill for King Lear including critical essays, a cast list, and advertisements.

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