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King Lear Multiple Choice Test

by Michael Stultz, M.A.

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
  • Age Levels: Grade 12
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  • Lear calling upon the storm to cast a lightning bold down from the heavens to kill him is an example of a(n) A.) apostrophe B.) metaphor C.) personification D.) irony
  • Edgar addresses ________________ as a “jolly shepherd.” A.) Lear B.) fool C.) Gloucester D.) Poor Tom
  • Lear’s fool is a non-traditional King’s fool in that he is A.) naïve B.) intelligent C.) immature D.) unaware
  • The use of letters in the play is used to symbolize A.) information B.) wit C.) betrayal D.) immediacy
  •  _________ symbolize(s) knowledge in the play. A.) storm B.) flowers C.) letters D.) eyes
  • After Lear escapes from Dover, he runs off to a field of flowers. Flowers symbolize _________. A.) insanity B.) peace C.) death D.) women
  • The storm in Act III symbolizes _________. A.) insanity B.) death C.) revenge D.) war
  • The character who most closely parallels Lear is _________. A.) Kent B.) Gloucester C.) Edgar D.) Edmund
  • Shakespeare’s characterization of women in the play shows that they can be just as cruel as their male counterparts. A.) True B.) False
  • What or who is most noticeably missing in King Lear? A.) natural elements B.) paganism C.) mothers D.) redemption
  • Lear’s mental derangement makes him more aware of his faults. This is an example of A.) symbolism B.) parody C.) paradox D.) imagery
  • “As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods.” This echoes the theme of A.) greed B.) fate C.) suffering D.) illusion
  • The theme of “candor has a sharp edge” is best exemplified in A.) Edgar B.) Gloucester C.) Kent D.) fool
  • The correct order for “The Great Chain of Being” is A.) God, angels, King, Duke, Earl, animal, plant, stones B.) God, King, angels, Duke, Earl, animal, stones, plant C.) God, angels, King, Earl, Duke, animal, stones, plant D.) God, angels, King, Earl, Duke, animal, plant, stones
  • Which character(s) is / are referred to as “pelican”? A.) Regan & Goneril B.) Edgar & Edmund C.) Oswald D.) fool
  • “Fairest Cordelia, that art most rich, being poor” is an example of A.) paradox B.) imagery C.) personification D.) allusion
  • Lear is describes as “Crowned with rank fumiter and furrow-weeds” (both poisonous flowers). This description reflects the causes of his insanity, which are A.) his daughters B.) his arrogance C. the gods D.) old age
  • Who is describes as having a “wolfish visage”? A.) Oswald B.) Edmund C.) Cornwall D.) Goneril
  • Which character most closely parallels Cordelia? A.) Edgar B.) Edmund C.) Gloucester D.) Kent
  • Which characters are caught “in the middle” of the good and evil characters? (choose two) A.) Lear B.) Gloucester C.) Cordelia D.) Kent
  • Who most closely resembles a Christ-figure in the play? A.) Lear B.) Gloucester C.) Cordelia D.) Kent


King Lear Multiple Choice Test for an AP/Honors class.

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