King Lear Act I, Scene 3: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act I, Scene 3: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Oswald: Goneril’s steward who willingly carries out the evil schemes of his mistress

This scene is set in the Duke of Albany’s palace, the home of Lear’s oldest daughter Goneril with whom he has been living since the division of the kingdom. Goneril questions her steward, Oswald, and finds that her father has struck her gentleman for chiding his Fool. She is distraught over the King’s behavior, claiming that he “upbraids us/ On every trifle.” She says too that his knights “grow riotous.” She is, in fact, so angry at her father that she does not want to speak to him and instructs Oswald to tell the King she is sick when he comes back from his hunting trip....

(The entire section is 482 words.)