King Lear Act III, Scene 7: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scene 7: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:

Servant #1: Cornwall’s servant who stabs him and is fatally wounded by Regan

Servants #2 and #3: they follow Gloucester to Dover and soothe his bleeding eyes.

Cornwall instructs Goneril to bring Albany a letter containing the news that France’s army has landed. He then orders his servants to find the traitor Gloucester and bring him back. Regan wants him hanged immediately, and Goneril calls for his eyes to be plucked out. Assuring them he will take care of things, Cornwall advises Edmund to accompany Goneril since their revengeful act toward his father will not be fit for his eyes. Cornwall asks Goneril to encourage the Duke of Albany to send an answer...

(The entire section is 1238 words.)