King Lear Act II, Scene 4: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act II, Scene 4: Summary and Analysis

Lear, his Fool, and his Gentleman arrive at Gloucester’s castle. The King finds it puzzling that Cornwall and Regan have left their house on the night of his expected arrival without sending a message to explain. Kent who is still in the stocks, greets his master. Shocked to see his courier in this shameful condition, the King thinks it must be a joke. Kent tells Lear it was Regan and Cornwall who placed him there. In disbelief, Lear argues with Kent, bandying back and forth until the King finally faces the truth. He insists that they would not dare engage in such an act of disrespect toward the King through his messenger. Incensed by Cornwall and Regan’s actions, Lear calls it a “violent outrage” that...

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