King John "Lord Of Thy Presence, And No Land Beside"
by William Shakespeare

King John book cover
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"Lord Of Thy Presence, And No Land Beside"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

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Context: Robert Faulconbridge and his bastard brother, Philip, go before King John to plead for their father's inheritance. Robert, who is given the inheritance in his father's will, says Philip was begotten by Richard, John's brother. Queen Elinor and John both think Philip favors Richard in speech and looks, while Robert supposedly looks a good deal like his father, who was in Richard's service. Elinor asks if Philip would rather be like Robert or be the reputed son of Richard Coeur-de-lion, and follow her and John to war with France.

ELINORWhether hadst thou rather be a Faulconbridge,And like thy brother, to enjoy thy land,Or the reputed son of Cordelion,Lord of thy presence, and no land beside?BASTARDMadam, an if my brother had my shapeAnd I had his, . . .. . .Would I might never stir from off this place,I'd give it every foot to have this face.I would not be Sir Nob in any case.