Kindred The Storm: Questions and Answers

Octavia Butler

The Storm: Questions and Answers

1. How does Tom Weylin die?

2. What does Rufus do to punish Dana for his father’s death?

3. How many children has Alice had with Rufus?

4. What does Rufus threaten to do if Dana disobeys him?

5. Why does Rufus sell Sam?

1. Tom Weylin dies of a heart attack.

2. Rufus blames Dana for his father’s death, and he sends her to work in the cornfields as a punishment.

3. Rufus and Alice have had three children together; Hagar will be their fourth child.

4. Rufus threatens to send Dana back into the fields if she disobeys him.

5. Rufus sells Sam because he shows an interest in Dana, and Rufus becomes jealous.